WSCC2018 - Report after round 6

Istrska ulica 60h
2000 Maribor / Slovenia

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presentationIn meantime 6 rounds have been played in Senior World Chess Championship in Bled (Slovenia).

Open +50

Number one seeded GM Zurab Sturua (GEO) shared the point in round 6 after a big fight against GM Karen Movsziszian (ARM). With this the leading group consists in five players, all with 5 points.

Top standing after round 6 Open +50:

1. M Karen Movsziszian (ARM)
2. GM Giorgi Bagaturov (GEO)
3. GM Henrik Danielsen (ISL)
4. GM Zurab Sturua (GEO)
5. GM Ketevan Arakhamia-Grant (SCO)

(all with 5 points)

50 Sturua 65 Jansa W65 Kozlovskaja


Open +65

In fifth round the two top seeded players GM Anatoli Vaisser (FRA) and GM Evgeny Sveshnikov (RUS) didn’t had a positive day: both lost - to IM Nathan Birnboim (ISR) and GM Vlastimil Jansa (CZE). Jansa in round 6 won also the game on board 1 against IM Nils-Gustaf Renman (SWE) and is now the only leader.

Top standing after round 6 Open +65:

1. GM Vlastimil Jansa (CZE) 6
2. GM Yuri S. Balashov (RUS) 5,5
3. GM Nukhim N. Rashkovsky (RUS) 5
4. IM Nils-Gustaf Renman (SWE) 5

Women +50: 

WGM Galina Strutinskaia (RUS) is the only leader with 5 points. She already played against the two top seeded players WGM Elvira Berend (LUX) and WGM Tatiana Grabuzova (RUS).

Top standing after round 6 Women +50:

  1. WGM Galina Strutinskaia (RUS) 5
  2. WGM Elvira Berend (LUX) 4,5
  3. WIM Ilena Krasenkova (RUS) 4,5
  4. WIM Ingrid Lauterbach (ENG) 4,5

Women +65:

In this section there is a clear leader: WGM Valentina Kozlovskaya (RUS) scored 5,5 points out of 6. The rest of the field has 4 points or less. Can someone stop the leader?

Top standing after round 6 Women +65:

1. WGM Valentina Kozlovskaya (RUS) 5,5
2. WIM Tamara Sorokina (RUS) 4
3. GM Nona Gaprindashvili (GEO) 4
4. WIM Ludmila A. Tsifanskaya (ISR) 4
5. WFM Valeria Dotan (ISR) 4

After the sixth round there was a free day.


This restday was used to organize a rapid tournament in memorial to the great Slovenian GM Albin Planinc. 155 players out of 32 nations, 12 GM, 19 IM, 2 WGM, 3 WIM, 15 FM, 6 WFM are the impressive numbers of this tournament.

The tournament was won by GM Mladen Palac (CRO) with 7,5 points. Other 3 players scored the same points, but had a lower tie-break.

Memorial Planinec podium

Final result rapid tournament "1st Albin Planinc Memorial":

  1. GM Mladen Palac (CRO) 7,5
  2. GM Nukhim N. Rashkovsky (RUS) 7,5
  3. GM Marko Tratar (SLO) 7,5
  4. GM Maxime Lagarde (FRA) 7,5
  5. GM Ognjen Cvitan (CRO) 7
  6. IM Branko Rogulj (CRO) 7
  7. GM Evgeny Sveshnikov (RUS) 7
  8. IM Leon Mazi (SLO) 7

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